Foundational Reading 

A systematic and explicit approach 

Ash Grove Elementary provides systematic and explicit phonics instruction beginning with the alphabetic principal in Kindergarten through multi-syllabic word reading in Grade 3. 

A systematic approach means that letter-sound relationships are taught in an organized and logical sequence. An explicit approach means that instruction provides teachers with precise directions for teaching those letter-sound relationships. 

To help accomplish this, Kindergarten through second grade utilizes Sounds to Spelling in conjunction with the decodable texts, UFLI and supplemental resources. Third grade also uses UFLI Foundations to continue teaching and reading multi-syllabic words.

Ash Grove Teachers provide opportunities for students to apply what they are learning about letters and sounds to the reading of words, sentences, and stories. 

A systematic and explicit approach is shown to improve children's word recognition, spelling, and reading comprehension. 



Reading Success Plans (RSP) are individual student support plans for students who have been identified as at-risk in one area of foundational reading.

These plans are written and implemented in accordance to Missouri State Law. Parents or guardians of students who qualify for a Reading Success Plan (RSP) are notified of this plan and are also sent periodic reports showcasing their student's progress. The activities housed within this website offer parents and guardians ways to support their students in the areas of risk identified in the student's individual RSP.