During the 2019 Legislative Session, House Bill 604 was passed which made changes to our “screened volunteer” policy.  Per board policy GBEBC, the district will conduct a criminal background check on all individuals volunteering in positions where they may be periodically left alone with students.  Volunteers who chaperone students on overnight trips or are sponsors, advisors or coaches of district sponsored activities must satisfactorily complete a criminal background check. This includes any individual who wants to attend field trips. 

The criminal background check includes the following:

The fingerprinting has to be completed every three years and all other documents must be submitted on an annual basis.  A link has been provided on the website to access the forms that need to be submitted and the instructions on how to complete the criminal background check.  We appreciate your cooperation in this process as we work to keep our students safe!

If you have any questions, please contact Heather Wray, Bois D'Arc Elementary Administrative Assistant, at hwray@agpirates.com or 417-742-2203.

Volunteer Application Form

Family Care Safety Registry

Fingerprinting Information