At Ash Grove R-IV School District we know that partnering with parents and guardians can help students achieve high levels of success. This website has been created to offer parents and guardians a one-stop shop for activities they can utilize with their unique learner on the road to reading proficiency. 

To find an at-home activity to complete with your student please select a category based on their individual needs.  You can also visit the "Foundational Reading" section to learn more about Ash Grove Elementary's systematic and explicit approach to structured literacy and Reading Success Plans. 

Ash Grove Elementary provides systematic and explicit phonics instruction beginning with the alphabetic principal in Kindergarten through multi-syllabic word reading in Grade 3. 

Phonological awareness is the ability to hear, pronounce, and manipulate sounds. Phonological awareness tasks move from easier tasks like rhyming to harder manipulation tasks like deletion, addition, or substitution of individual sounds.

Phonics is instruction that focuses on the alphabetic principle - the systematic, predictable relationship between spoken sounds and written letters that allows readers to identify or "decode" words. 

Reading fluency is the ability to read a text easily.

Vocabulary is extremely important for students and is essential to reading comprehension. Vocabulary refers to the words that students must understand to read and communicate. 

Comprehension is the overall goal of reading. It is the ability of students to understand and make meaning of what they are reading.

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